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Mulch helps preserve moisture for your lawn and provides extra nutrients to the surrounding yard through slow decomposition. Add mulch to your lawn with the help of Montoy's Landscaping and ensure the long-term health and aesthetic beauty of your landscape.

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Being experienced in the field is not as simple as dumping mulch into a garden and calling it a day. Choosing the right mulch for your lawn and knowing where to put it so that it benefits your property’s growth and water conservation isn’t easy.

When you hire our team, we commit to applying our knowledge to your landscape and giving you the best results possible at the most affordable prices available.

Spring and Autumn Mulching


Mulch in your garden is helpful in different ways at different times of the year. As the weather begins to get hotter in springtime, depending on how your landscape is situated, you will require different amounts of mulch for adequate water retention. Mulch is a great way to attract pollinators into your garden as well!


In the autumn, mulch can serve a more protective purpose. Before winter’s blanket of snow covers your garden, we will put a top layer of mulch over your soil as protection. Before doing that, we will apply beneficial fertilizers to your ground to promote faster resilience after the spring melt.

Get in touch with our team today to learn about what kind of mulch you need to improve the health of your lawn year-round.

Mulch: Useful and Beautiful

Mulch is made from organic materials like bark, pine needles, straw and grass clippings, and more. As time goes on, these natural materials benefit the surrounding flora in a multitude of ways. Eventually, it will decompose and must be replaced – don’t worry! It's all part of the process.

Additionally, a nice layer of mulch in a garden or around your trees can give your landscape a dignified and manicured look, as fresh mulch always looks nice too. We are the team to help you choose the best type of mulch for your specific needs, and we’ll install it to perfection. When you speak with our team, you can guarantee that you are getting the proper knowledge to increase your landscape's health and overall quality.

Mulch Questions? Just Ask!

We are the area’s local mulch experts. We understand that not everyone has time to learn the ins and outs of landscaping—after all, we have spent years making it our specialty. For any mulch inquiries you have, calling us and having us come by to look at your current mulch situation is the best thing you could do for your lawn and garden.

Mulch is perhaps the unsung hero of homeowners and gardeners everywhere. For most people, fresh mulch just means a well-maintained patch of land, but it actually serve to preserve the surrounding environment. At Montoy's Landscaping, we provide quality mulch services to commercial and residential areas to help our clients preserve their outdoor spaces.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch can be made from a wide variety of materials. In organic mulch might contain elements like plastic, but natural mulches are more likely to contain:

  • Leaves
  • Back chips
  • Straw
  • Grass clippings
  • Wood chips
  • Peat moss

Some of these inorganic materials replenish the soil as they decompose. This temporary option must be regularly maintained and replenished to maintain the positive affects of the mulch.

What Are the Benefits of Using Mulch?

Mulch’s main purpose is to preserve the moisture and improve soil. How does a mix of bark and wood chips accomplish this task? Properly laid mulch does the following:

  • Reduces moisture loss related to evaporation
  • Controls weed growth in the covered area
  • Insulates soil from extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Over time improves aeration, drainage, soil biology and structure
  • Inhibits certain plant diseases
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Reduces likelihood of damage from gardening tools like weed whackers or lawnmowers

In their natural environment, trees and other plants have a natural layer of material to cover the soil around their roots. The material is full of decomposing organic substances and organisms that replenish the soil. Mulch provides the same service in urban and suburban landscapes.

Are There Different Kinds of Mulch?

There are two main types of mulch: organic and inorganic. You already know that organic mulches contain natural components and decompose naturally. What do inorganic mulches contain?

  • Stone
  • Lava rock
  • Rubber
  • Textile Fabrics
  • Plastic

While this mulch doesn’t decompose naturally, it will last much longer than organic mulch. If you want something low maintenance yet still natural looking, consider using a stone based mulch.

Why Should Mulching Be Done Professionally?

As with anything, laying mulch must be done properly to enjoy the positive benefits of the task. For example, if you put too much mulch on your trees and plans, you’ll actually do more harm than good. The materials won’t decompose fast enough and the soil can’t breathe properly. These are the common problems with poor mulching:

  • Excess moisture gets trapped in the root zone causing stress and/or root rot
  • Stress on stem tissues causing insect infestations or plant diseases
  • pH balance is thrown off causing nutrient deficiencies or buildup of toxic materials
  • Water and air cannot penetrate the soil
  • Rodents and small animals ay make homes in the mulch and begin biting the plants
  • Mulch becomes anaerobic and poisons young plants

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