Provider of Expert Shrub & Hedges Services in Sacramento

Whether you are looking to plant or remove a few shrubs, or to enhance your landscape with custom hedges, Montoy's Landscaping is here to provide expert services to meet your needs. With our extensive experience and passion for landscaping, you are sure to love the final product. We are committed to providing top-notch service in and around Sacramento, and it shows in our work and our customer care.

Quality Trimming and Pruning

In order for your shrubbery to meet its greatest potential it must be properly cultivated through pruning. This process takes knowledge and skill to insure that the right branches are pruned to either promote or stop growth. The professionals at Montoy's Landscaping are trained and experienced with all types of shrubbery, and will make sure that your shrubs and hedges are pruned to your desired style.

On the other hand, if you are looking to have your shrubs removed, we can assist with that as well. Though there are many landscaping providers in the Sacramento area, all of them do not prescribe to the same standards. Therefore, when selecting your provider there are a few things that you should look for:

  • • positive reviews or references
  • • vast landscaping knowledge
  • • proper tools
  • • proven excavation methods

Along with these things it can also be beneficial to examine their level of customer care. Considering that you will be the one literally having to live with the product, you should be considered and consulted with throughout the process. How you are treated during a consultation can give you a reasonable clue as to how you would be treated throughout the project.

Tailored Maintenance of Your Shrubs, Hedges and Bushes

At Montoy's Landscaping we offer several different landscaping services along with shrub and hedges care. Our passion for landscaping drives us to provide excellence in all the services that we offer. As such, we stay current with the popular garden trends, new machinery and technology and best practices. This allows us to offer high-quality service that our clients appreciate. We also include our clients in the entire process to ensure the greatest client satisfaction. Through consulting with our clients we gain an understanding of the vision they have for their lawn and we utilize that and our knowledge of greenery to develop the perfect plan, tailored to the clients’ preferences and the state of their lawn. With our equipment and expertise we are able to provide services efficiently and allow our clients to enjoy the lawn of their dreams.

Superb Customer Service for Superb Shrub and Hedge Service

At Montoy's Landscaping, we love to include our clients in every step of the landscape process to allow them to guide our service in the direction they see fit for their yards. Our team of landscaping experts always put their heart into every project and go the extra mile to make sure every client's expectations are exceeded.

When you hire us, whether you're looking to have new shrubs and hedges installed or your current ones to be groomed, you can expect the same level of care across the board. With our unique perspective and creative touch, we turn your yard into a one-of-a-kind landscape design and give you a customer service experience like no other. When you get in touch, we will schedule a consultation where one of our expert team members will discuss your needs and what we will do to address them. They will also provide you with a transparent service quote so you know the price you will pay, with no surprises. Honesty, transparency, and superb customer service are what we strive for to ensure you are happy with the overall experience. 

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Shrub and Hedge Service that Suit Your Needs

At Montoy's Landscaping, we offer a variety of shrub and hedge services to suit your needs. We can help you remove or trim your greenery, install new hedges, or simply maintain them to keep them in good, appealing condition. We can also offer you our expert opinion on where to install your new plants to complement your property. We have years of experience working on all types of shrubs and hedges and the know-how to help us accommodate your every need.

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Affordable Services to Transform Your Yard

If you're looking to spruce up your landscaping with some fresh greenery, look no further than our team of landscape experts! We offer cost-effective, affordable shrub and hedge services that will help beautify your property in a snap. From small plants to full-blown hedges, we have you covered. Our team is always on hand to provide expert advice and guidance so that you can achieve the perfect look for your specific space.

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Efficient, Ontime Service

When you hire us for shrub and hedge services, you can expect on-time and efficient service. We take pride in our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy landscaping company, and we will never disappoint you. We work efficiently in everything we offer, from the initial consultation to regular maintenance and upkeep, so you can relax and enjoy your landscaping without fuss. When we give you a specific turnaround time, you can rest assured that we will complete the job within it every time.

With us, your time and outdoor property will always be respected. So don't hesitate any longer, get in touch to inquire more about our services.

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For your shrub and hedges needs in the Sacramento area, Montoy's Landscaping is an excellent choice. We offer quality services tailored to your particular lawn and desires. Whether you need shrubs removed or are looking to create a unique scene, we would love to help you. Not only do we create the visual you desire, but we also make sure that your lawn remains healthy throughout the process so that it is able to sustain the beautiful scene. Our commitment to our clients is bar none. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us today via phone or the contact form to set up your consultation.