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How Montoy's Landscaping Can Give You an Irrigation System to Improve Your Woodland Garden

An irrigation system can improve your home and your lifestyle. At Montoy's Landscaping, we have the expertise to make your new watering system a reality. Automatic irrigation systems provide many benefits, including saving you time and money, creating healthier plants, and establishing the kind of garden you have always wanted. Not only does an automatic system let you spend more time enjoying your plants, rather than maintaining them, it also provides a level of precision that cannot be attained otherwise. If you are looking for a contracting company in Woodland that specializes in watering, we are your one stop for all your watering needs.

Save Water with the Right Irrigation System

At the end of the day, the most important aspect to getting an automatic watering system is the water it could save you. Watering by hand almost always results in over- or under-watering. Even if you make an effort to use the same amount every time, it is easy for your watering habits to gradually drift one way or the other. Irrigation systems are designed to use exactly the right amount of water, which means less is used, lowering your water bill. Learn more about how you can save water through.

  • • Drip irrigation strategies
  • • More efficient sprinklers
  • • Rain/moisture sensors
  • • Sprinkler system calibration

Designing Irrigation Systems in Woodland

One of the best ways Montoy's Landscaping helps you create a watering system that meets your needs is through unique designing. Before installing a new system, we take the time to work with you and figure out exactly what the best way to proceed is. Every landscaping job has unique requirements and obstacles, so figuring everything out and establishing a plan of action in advance is vital. Everything from soil type and conditions to water sources and pressure to the kinds of plants you are trying to grow should be taken into consideration. A design for your watering system, as well as an estimate, can be reviewed with you.

Healthier, More Beautiful Landscape

Of course, the main reason you are getting a new automatic sprinkler system is for the plants. Through precise, routine watering, it is possible to foster growth in ways that is simply not possible through other maintaining strategies. Getting strong and beautiful flowers and plants does not require you to spend all your time toiling in your yard. Get the results you want with all the legwork taken out of the process.

Watering Alternatives to Explore

There are ways a new watering system can care for your landscape you may not have even considered. For example, drip systems are gaining attention as an alternative to sprinklers that save water and create better results in some cases. Certain plants are simply better suited to receiving a small, continuous water supply, rather than occasional, larger waterings. This kind of system also does not encourage weeds to grow nearly as much. We are committed to helping you get whatever setup works best for your garden.

Choosing The Right Irrigation System

When choosing the right irrigation system for your property, there are a few things to consider. In addition to purchasing an energy-efficient system, you also want to consider the following:

Lawn Topography

You want to consider the layout of your property and whether the grass is located on a slope or flat land. When it is located on a slope, it can be a challenge because, in a drip irrigation system, the water will pour down the negative gradient. As such, you will need a fully adjustable system where you can set the run time.

Soil Type

Sandy soil absorbs less water than clay soil, so it is imperative you know what type of soil you have. The reason is that it affects the irrigation method you will choose and the most efficient runtime for the best results. You will find two standard irrigation systems: drip irrigation distributes water to the roots, and sprayer irrigation sprays the water into the air.


If you live in a region prone to a lot of rainy weather, you should purchase an irrigation system that can be programmed to turn off during rainy periods. Additionally, irrigation systems are always recommended to keep the lawn hydrated if you live in a warm, dry, windy climate.

Plant Types

All plants have specific watering instructions, so it's important to know these details before settling on an irrigation system. Some plant species can be sensitive to problems caused by improper irrigation, such as fungal issues. So, keep this in mind when choosing a system.

Why Hiring an Irrigation Specialist Is Best

Sprinkler systems play a significant role in the quality of your lawn, and choosing the wrong unit can lead to over or under-watered grass. With this in mind, you will get the best results when you get the professional assistance of a knowledgeable landscaper.

Here at Montoy's Landscaping, we are a team of skilled irrigation experts helping Woodland property owners get the best out of their lawns. We take the guesswork out of choosing the best system, designing the layout and installation, and programming it for high-efficiency water usage. With us, you can do this right the first time, error and stress-free.

If you would like to see for yourself the benefits of hiring our skillful crew, give us a call to schedule a consultation now.

Custom Irrigation System Setup

Creating a custom system setup is an important step in getting the most out of an irrigation system. When you partner with us, our team of landscapers will work with you to determine your lawn and plant needs. They will examine your lawn topography, soil type, water source, plant and vegetation watering needs, and water pressure.

With these details, they will determine the best system and create a customized setup design that will give you lush green grass without a hefty water bill. You won’t need to worry about over or under-watering, uneven water distribution, or adjusting settings because we will account for all these details during the setup.

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